Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I think a personalized Zeiglist (Yahoo's Buzz) would be great. Meaning that if I have a Yahoo or a Google account, I should be able to monitor trends in search words.

For example, the custimoziation would allow me to know about how many times the word "Linux" was searched today, a week before, a month before, etc. on a particular search engine. Better still, I would be able to compare that to another search term. At the same time, customization would allow me to do more sophisticated searches that I could run as a sort of cron job i.e. how many times the word "linux" appears with "operating system". So,basically market share monitoring.

Yahoo does offer these features but only to corporates and at a price. I personally don't thin k it's a big technological challenge and am surprised that no one has implemented this.

I emailed this request to someone I know at Google but he never responded. Then emailed the same request to Yahoo and even to couple of other search engines. Yahoo obviously may not be interested since they already offer this (for paid users).

As far as other search engines are concerned, here's my hypothesis: Google is interested in big things and other search engines are trying to implement features Google has. What that means is that if Google does not implement a particular feature, no one else will.

The customization feature could allow users to track up to 10 or even
100 different search terms.

Let me know what you think of this suggestion.


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