Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Entry for November 29, 2005
I have been a big fan of Google Maps since the time they launched it but about a week or so ago, I started using the new beta version of Yahoo maps. So far, I think Yahoo maps is better than Google in terms of features. Google is faster in terms of downloading the page, while Yahoo is still a very slow – almost drags.

The concept behind Yahoo Maps is the same as Google Maps – they both use Ajax, it has the ability to zoom in and out and drag around without reloading the page. Yahoo also uses Flash – probably the main reason why its slower than Google. But Yahoo Maps Beta adds traffic information, speed and road construction details and like Google, it ties into Yahoo Local to show you where business’ are. Yahoo also has a mini map in the upper right hand corner, which I still have to find use for.

My biggest gripe is that Yahoo Maps don't support Firefox, at least not Firefox on Linux. So, until then I am sticking with Google.


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