Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I downloaded gtdtiddlywiki last week and my initial reaction has been that it's a fabulous program. I have been using it at work mainly as a todo list and also to manage my contact lists. Although, it's a great piece of software,I still think that Tomboy for Linux is overall better. Here a comparison on xx different areas between Tomboy and GTDTW:

Ease of use: Tomboy is far better with it super clean interface and ability to create wiki-like links.

Layout: Tomboy

Functionality: GTDTW, which is based on Tiddlywiki, is better right now. You can do many things, particularly with formating and tags is a very good feature. Tomboy has fewer functions and lacks tags. But, to add functions to GTDTW, you have to write macros. In Tomboy, you can write simple plugins. I think, the plugins might be a better options.

Portability: By far GTWTW. It's HTML, javascript and css. You can use it on Mac, Linux or any other operating system with a firefox browser. Nokia 770??? This is the biggest drawback of Tomboy. So, if you are using one OS in the office like me and another at home, GTDTW may be better.

Future: I think both have a terrific future. Tomboy is likely to be integrated with Evolution, while GTWTD and Tiddlywiki are likely to be adopted by people looking for portability and even server side wiki.


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