Monday, June 27, 2005


John Battelle broke the news in the morning about this on his blog. All, I can say is: wow! Google's video search is pretty awesome. What amazes me about Google is that not only do they things better than the others in the industry – they do it much better. Google's search technology changed the landscape, so did Gmail, maps, Google Desktop. And now we have Google Video. It could change a lot of things: Internet advertising, distribution of content – both TV and video, how people view video files – right now this space is dominated by Windows media player and RealPlayer. But now, I expect Windows users to download Google Video Viewer in droves.

Again, what I am disappointed by is that Google is not offering this player, which is a morphed version of open source VLC Media Player, for Linux. It should be pretty easy for Google, since VLC is available for Linux, to tweak the code and offer to Debian, RH and SuSE users. They have promised a Mac version soon. I am also surprised by the fact that Google has not launched its GDS for Linux, Win 98 or old Macs. This is a very good opportunity for the company to develop strong loyalty among non XP and 2000 users.


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